New Payment Plan: MMM Guider Reveals 5 Vital Information For Those Who Wish To Be paid on January 14

If you are in the MMM Ponzi scheme, you are probably familiar with the term ‘guider’. When a guider gives advice, it is best followed, because they have more experience and access to more information on the scheme. A guider named Odhelee, has provided some guidelines as participants of the scheme prepare to get paid on January 14, 2017 after the hiatus.
Below is the Facebook post made on January 12, 2017:
Dear Mavrodians,
It has come to my notice that participants have been perturbed lately concerning uncertain information flying around especially *change of currency, email and phone confirmation.*
These information are unverifiable and lacks foundation.
1. Your PO has been adjusted to allow you change or correct your phone number without being placed on moratorium. All phone numbers can be changed (confirmed or unconfirmed). You are only required to ensure your PO *phone number is correct* and reachable. *Phone and email showing confirmed is not a requirement for PH and GH and will not affect your PH or GH in any way.*
2. Changing your currency is not a compulsory option. You can PH in bitcoin or Naira irrespective of the currency of your PO until mavro-btc is implemented.
3. Do not rely on any information or news that is not on your *as a game changer*. Every change that you are required to act upon will always be communicated through your PO.
4. Pls remember that GH and *PH will be paired* from Saturday so get your spare money ready or *cancel your pledge now*
5. Remember your promo task. It is not difficult so do them. This is our community. This is our family. It is our collective responsibility to develop and build a better MMM Nigeria.
Together we will overcome.
Together we breach the gap between the rich and the poor.
Guider Odhelee
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Source : omogist 


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