We gathered according to a source that there is an ongoing Massacre of blacks in Libya right now . 
According to the Audio message sent which is below , you can hear an African man speaking in Yoruba Dialect asking ..

Play the Video below sent to us by our source to listen:

See Translation below 

''please anyone who receives this image to keep sending it till it gets to our Government , there is something going on right now in Libya '' blacks are being killed''...

''They have almost killed all the Blacks in Libya'' You can see how they were arranged , they said they don't want blacks anymore ...

'' They want to go and kill them , so because of this , anyone who see this message should translate it in their language, anyone that has a Family or Friend in Libya should keep praying for them'' .
May God help them .

''Look at the uncompleted building there, its was been built by the black and that is were they live , but at night they came to pack them all to go and kill them for no reason ''.

''We were asking the Libyian's what happened and they said they don't want blacks anymore in Libya'' .

''Our Black brother's who use to lie ( See Libya , See Spain , please don't believe the hype , it's not easy , it's not easy , lives that are being lost at the everyday is not small,but we can still fathom those lives being lost at sea''

''But this case is serious , how can they go and pack innocent people who are not theives and spray them bullets ,so because of this pls forget the issues of See Libya , See Spain''

'' Wherever we are the Mercy of God will help us , whoevever say's Nigeria won't be good , God forbid , so please keep passing this message on till it get's to the President , to the Governor , so they can go to Libya and save our Mother's children in Libya and bring them back home ''.

''If not so , they are about to kill them all , May God have Mercy on US . Those of us other Nigerians that are not in Libya but other foreign countries may God let us return home with good fortune , those back home in Nigeria we will meet with Joy by the grace of God''

''Nigeria will get better  , may we not leave home to look for food and die , so anybody that understand other languages , ibo , yoruba , hausa , whichever , translate it under this mesage and sent it till it gets to the Government. May God's Mercy be over us.

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