Actress, Lindsay Lohan converts to Islam, deletes all Photos

Actress, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly converted to Islam.
This is coming after her Instagram page underwent drastic changes. She deleted all previous posts on her page and added a simple bio: “Alaikum Salam,” an Arabic, Islamic greeting translated as “Peace be unto you.”

Whether the Parent Trap icon has officially converted to Islam remains unconfirmed. However, the actress has vocalized her identification with the faith in the past.
In April, Lohan was seen holding a Quran, and received ample backlash for studying and praising the religion.
As of Tuesday, all the posts on her social media account followed by nearly 6 million people seemed to have been erased. 
Linday Lohan’s Instagram page (Screenshot)
The issue prompted the social media rumor mill to speculate that she had converted, and spurred various Twitter users to upload photographs of Lohan donning a head covering while visiting Syrian refugees in Turkey last year.

Lohan previously sparked rumors that she had converted to Islam in 2015 after she was photographed carrying a Koran during community work in New York.
At the close of 2016, Lohan also traveled to Syria and Turkey to visit refugees, captured wearing a hijab in several photos out of respect for workers in the camps.
In a video interview with CNN, she spoke about her travels and humanitarian efforts. A representative told Daily Mail that the 30-year-old is “in a period of renewal, and is very excited for what the new year holds.”
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