MMM Returns with Another ‘Major Problem’ to Cash Transactions

The foremost Ponzi Scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox has returned to operational status, 24 hours earlier than the scheduled date amidst tension among Nigerian community members.

As the Russian Wonder Bank resumes financial transactions in Nigeria amidst national pessimism, there are indications of uncertainty amidst the good news of its comeback after the embargo placed on active accounts on the 13th of December, 2016.
There is a change to the spate of payments which is an aberration to the usual mode of operation of the controversial scheme. The investors have been divided into the ‘rich’ and ‘poor class’. The poor or vulnerable set of subscribers with low investments will be paid their funds with interests firstly while the seemingly rich ones with massive investments will exercise patience for an unspecified period of time.
According to the communique issued today by Sergey Mavrodi, it was on this note that he advised community members to only participate with their ‘spare money’ to prevent undue exposure to economic hazards.
Read an excerpt from the fresh official statement below:
“As the System is socially oriented, we will make paybacks to the poor and the economically disadvantaged in the first place: it means to the members with small PH amounts. The richer can wait. Moreover, we”ve warned you repeatedly to only provide help with amounts that are not critical for you. Therefore, if these large amounts are not critical for them (the richer), they can wait a few days. No need to be tragic about it.
“This is the way it”s going to be.”
Meanwhile, subscribers are now permitted to view their account balance. A subscriber who spoke to TORI NEWS in confidence stated he has earned a stunning 50% on his investment.
The system is yet to start paring participants for full time business transactions of “providing help” and “giving help” as its accustomed to.

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