Hot Actress, Rosaline Meurer Accused of Sleeping with Tonto Dikeh’s Husband Begs Nigerians

The beautiful and s*xy actress accused of having an affair with Tonto Dikeh’s husband has begged Nigerians.
Actress Tonto Dikeh and husband Olakunle Churchhill
The controversy rocking Tonto Dikeh’s marriage has taken another dimension as the main culprit being accused of allegedly sleeping with Tonto’s husband, Olakunle Churchhill has vehemently denied the accusations again.
Rosaline Meurer, who is an actress and personal assistant to Tonto Dikeh’s husband has begged Nigerians not to use her to break a happy marriage.
She took to social media to plead following the recent release of a controversial photo which claimed that Tonto Dikeh’s husband was spotted with Meurer at Quilox club enjoying and having a good time together.
Rosaline Meurer 

Many had rumoured that the two had gone to the club together fueling thoughts that they were actually having an affair. Some even wondered why the man would be spending time with the PA at the club while leaving the wife at home.
However, Quilox club has added their voice to the cheating rumours. While dispelling the photo rumour, the club denied that the two were at the club the same time as people had speculated.
“Different days, different time. The pictures were put up on Monday the 16th of January as a throwback to our previous week. all everyone wants to do is be happy and party at their favorite spot. #Quilox #nightclub #luxurylifestyle #lagos #nigeria #clubs #clubbing #party #fun #lagosparty” the Club wrote on its Instagram page.
Photo posted by Quilox to debunk the rumour
To back it up, Meurer shared the photo and begged people to stop spreading rumours that are not true.
“BAD BELE PEOPLE SEE OH! Different days and different time. I don’t get what the whole fuss is about. Like I said before and I repeat again MIND YOUR BUSINESS! Except you lot have plans of breaking a happy home.” Muerer wrote.
Howebeit, many people are still wondering if the wife certified her husband’s decision to use someone as hot as Muerer as a personal assistant. Some people have argued that the husband could have avoided the controversy by employed someone that wouldn’t be a burden to his marital life.

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