MMM Top Guider Explains Why Participants Who Invested Huge Sums Have not Been Paid

After complaints by MMM participants who invested millions in the scheme, of not getting back their money, a top guilder has provided more details of what to come.

A top guider with the popular ponzi scheme, MMM has revealed the true reason why top investors have not been paid their money.
According to a report by DailyPost, the top guider said the move was done to sustain the system and make sure it doesn’t crash.
He further stated that the administrators are working seriously hard to ensure that those who invested millions are paid as soon as possible.
“We are processing, but can’t pay them now.” the top guider who wants to remain anonymous said.
He then added: “We need money in the system and that is why the increase in interest is on the cards so some can decide to leave their funds.
“That said, participants that have between N50,000 and N300,000 or so are being paid on a daily basis, you can do your findings.”
The top guider also explained that information on the introduction of bitcoins will soon be made available to all members soon on how to activate and use it.

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