Whistle-blower raises alarm - Andrew Yakubu has 4 safes not 1

Andrew Yakubu has 4 safes not 1 - Whistle-blower raises alarm 
The whistle-blower in the Andrew Yakubu-EFCC's operation has said that there were four safes not one in the Kaduna residence of the former NNPC managing director
- The whistle-blower said three other safes were moved from the house before the EFCC's raid
- He also said he has no knowledge of where the safes were taken to
The whistle-blower in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission's (EFCC) operation against a former managing director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has said that more safes are yet to be recovered.
Daily Nigerian reports that the whistle blower states Andrew Yakubu hid four, not one, safes in strategic places.
It was also gathered that the safes are stacked with foreign currencies like the one recovered from Yakubu's Kaduna house by the EFCC last week.
The whistle-blower in a report made to EFCC investigators said the safes were four but three were moved out of the house to an unknown location before the EFCC raid.
Although, the whistle-blower claimed he did not have knowledge of where the safes were moved, the EFCC is working round the clock to ensure the remaining safes are recovered.
Last week, the EFCC recovered a safe belonging to the former NNPC's managing director.
Andrew Yakubu has 4 safes not 1 - Whistle-blower
Money recovered from the safe which was locked up in a house belonging to Yakubu in Kaduna include; $9.77 million and 74,000 British pounds.
However, the former managing director who was sacked by Goodluck Jonathan's administration in 2014, has said that the monies were gifts given to him by associates.
Yakubu has since been arrested by the anti-graft agency.
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