Trump is just like Us Weekly’s favorite celebrity

For five weeks in a row, the Trumps have been on the cover of Us Weekly.

While a traditional president can expect to find himself on A1 of the New York Times each morning, it is, shall we say, the more unusual sort who can look forward to monopolizing the real estate usually reserved for Kim Kardashian’s extended family. Though People got some flack for its November 9 cover announcing Trump’s victory — which came awfully soon after the magazine revealed that Natasha Stoynoff, a People reporter, had been sexually assaulted by Trump years ago while interviewing home for aPeople story — scarcely a week has gone by since Inauguration Day that the Trumps haven’t graced the cover of at least one celebrity glossy. The New York Post deemed Us Weekly’s wall-to-wall coverage a “cover spree.”
But what’s notable about this coverage is not just the quantity but also the tone: It appears as if the default stance from Us has been one that is critical, or at least skeptical, of President Trump, Melania, and their children. Usran back-to-back cover stories speculating on the fragile state of bothDonald and Melania’s and Ivanka and Jared’s marriages; the former featured Princes William and Harry in the top-right corner, along with a line about how they “never liked Trump.” While a couple of the covers have been neutral-to-positive, the contrast between Us’ approach to the Trump White House and its attitude toward the Obamas is remarkable. Barack and Michelle only made rare appearances on Us Weekly’s cover, and when they (and, on occasion, their daughters) did, the stories were kind and upbeat, like“Why Barack Loves Her: The untold romance between a down-to-earth mom and the man who calls her ‘my rock.’”
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