Prince Charles was not in love with Princess Diana but felt bullied by his father to marry her, new book claims

A new book has made shocking revelations about the royal family, one of the revelations being that Prince Charles felt threatened to marry Princess Diana. According to the book written by Sally Bedell Smith which is a biography titled, Prince Charles:

The Passions And Paradoxes Of An Improbable Life, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had spent a night together on the royal train and after this became public and tongues began to wag , Prince Phillip, worried that Princess Diana’s honor has been compromised, wrote his son a letter saying that 19-year-old Diana’s reputation was on the line and Prince Charles had to make up his mind whether to propose to her or not.

Prince Charles interpreted this as a compulsion to wed Princess Diana and though he was not in love with her and also wasn’t ready to settle down he had to get engaged because he felt bullied to do it. Smith reveals that after marrying Diana, Prince Charles was “riven with anxieties over his marriage and bleak future.”
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