Shoes: What's the difference between brogues and oxfords?

With the variety of shoe styles in the market, it’s easy to feel lost! The Brogue and Oxford are both classics in men’s footwear.
The main features of brogues are:
  1. Open lacing- the faces with the eyelets are not stitched together.
  2. Perforations on the toe for decoration
  3. Wing tips- the piece of leather at the toe forms a W shape and extends towards the heel with long wings.
  4. Perforated detailing on the seams and faces of the shoes
The main features of oxfords are:
  1. Closed lacing- All oxfords should have closed lacing. The faces containing the eyelets are sewn under a seam called the throat.
  2. Smooth leather without any perforations.
  3. No heel cap
Here’s the twist. Broguing refers to the perforated decorations. So brogues aren’t really a style of shoe. Rather they are a style of decoration. Broguing can be applied to oxfords too. They are called hybrid oxfords. They have closed lacing and broguing on the toe.
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