5 Things We Learned From The World Cup So Far

The Fifa World Cup which is holding in Russia has been interesting and filled with surprises with players making names for themselves.
These are 5 interesting take-aways from the 2018 World Cup in Russia which is gathering momentum:
1 A World Cup Of Penalties 
One of the major things discovered in this World Cup is the high number of penalties awarded in the early stage. In the first round of matches, more than 8 penalties have already been awarded. 
Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty against Spain. 
Antoine Griezmann scored a penalty against Australia.
Miles Jedinak scored a penalty against France. 
Lionel Messi missed a penalty against Iceland. 
Christian Cueva missed a penalty against Denmark. 
Luka Modric scored a penalty against Nigeria. 
Andras Granqvist scored a penalty against South Korea. 
Ferjani Sassi scored a penalty against England. 
Shinji Kagawa scored a penalty against Colombia. 
2 Big Guns Are Misfiring
Many of the big teams are misfiring already in the World Cup. Who would have thought Brazil would not obliterate Switzerland? Or who would have thought Argentina wouldn't annihilate Iceland? How about Germany?! 
3 Nigeria Have Everything Wrong Except Their Jersey
From wrong tactics by the coach to lethargic team performance. The play of the Super Eagles have been woeful at best and the only saving grace is the fact that they have the best jersey in the tournament. That's some succour, right? Their play is so bad that they may be taking over the position of the whipping boys mantra from Iceland. 
4 VAR Is Spot On 
There have been controversial decisions that the VAR has resolved. From deciding the right card to be given to a player if the referee misses the incident to awarding a correct penalty, the referee's work is easier and fans are loving this. With the VAR, there are less scandals. 
5 Ronaldo And Messi Have Contrasting Starts
While Ronaldo, popularly called Penaldo, has three goals in the World Cup from one match, Messi, popularly known as the GOAT even though Ronaldo's fans are jealous of this and are trying to call Ronaldo the GOAT too, has no goals yet. While Ronaldo has converted his preferred kick, the penalty, Messi has missed. Remember, though, that the end justifies the means!

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