Benin Generator Fumes Disaster: Confusion Over How To Tell Man His Wife, 5 Children Are Dead

Confusion has emerged over how to tell a man that his wife and five children have been killed by generator fumes in Edo.
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According to Vanguard, doctors at the Iyare Clinic, Benin are said to be finding it difficult to break the news of the death of the woman and her five children who died last week from generator fumes to the head of the family, who was hospitalised after inhaling same fumes.
The family was said to have put on a generator in their kitchen; the fumes from it reportedly led to the death of the woman and five children.
Their remains have since been deposited at the Central Hospital mortuary. The head of the family, Pastor Ugochukwu Ike, who is the Founder of Chapel of Victory Bible Church Benin, is said to have regained consciousness as he can now identify people that visit him in the hospital.
But he is yet to be informed of the demise of his wife and children. 
Dr. Macauley Iyare, who is responsible for his treatment, confirmed that Pastor Ugochukwu could identify people that visit him.
He added that the puzzle was how they would tell him what happened to his wife and children adding that he requires the services of a neurologist and psychologist.
Speaking with journalists at the hospital, Pastor Ugochukwu could recollect his name, where his house is located but failed to recollect what happened to his family.
When questioned, he said, “My name in Ugochukwu Ike. I am getting fine. The name of my church is Chapel of Victory Bible Church. I can’t remember why I am in the hospital.”

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