Emma Ugolee Reacts After Angry Fan Set Super Eagles Jersey On Fire Because Of Loss To Croatia

Nigerian Media Personality, Emma Ugolee has reacted to the video of a man who set his Super Eagles jersey on fire in anger.
Emmanuel Ugolee, a Nigerian media personality, shared the video of a man burning his Super Eagles jersey just because the players lost their first game against Croatia at the ongoing World Cup.
In his post, Emmanuel said people should be careful of having people with such temperaments around them. 
A screenshot of the jersey being burnt
Read what he wrote below (sic):
Without giving an excuse for a dissappointing outing, the public bashing on the eagles is even more dissappointing.
Nigeria lost her 1st match. So what? Even with that loss, is she not better of than heavy weights Holland & Italy who are but mere spectators to the tournament? Should Ghanians and South Africans hang their players for keeping them away from all the fun? 
Germany, 4 time winners, also lost their opening match. Did any Argentine or Brazilian expect a draw? Like life, the game is full of disappointments and embarrassing moments. 
No man alive is immune to such times. The reaction of those around you when it is your turn to temporarily be down should be very closely observed because nothing better reveals who deserves or is undeserving of your company after the storm.


With the slightest fall there are those [like the culprit responsible for this video] who would very immediately distance themselves from you and at the next opportunity tarnish your image with a verbal deliberation on your weaknesses both real and imagined. Spreading doom with no sense of hope. 
When you find people like this near you. My brother please run. They are like a wicked mum who beats her child for loosing a school race. How do you go from wearing a jersey proudly on the 16th to burning it on the 17th? Clear fake love. Same goes for any who has been using hate speech on the boys.
Use the time to seek out those who do not see a slip as the end of the world.
Those who seek immediate corrective measures and are constructive with correction.
Those who know that you do not have it the worst in life.
Those who know how to stay positive when it gets tough. 
Those with eyes fixed at the tunnels end.
Those who appreciate how far you have come and can see how far you can go given the needed support
Those who understand that life is not all rosy for anyone. Those who would stand by you till the end. 
"At the end", in the modified words of MLKJ "We shall remember both the words of our enemies and the silence of our friends. Please take not of these two sets of people when your boat rocks and sail far away from them as you find stability again. - Emma Ugolee

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