Tragic Photos Of The Family House Set Ablaze By Fire From A Small Phone Charger

A mother and her three children were forced to flee their home after a £1 phone charger from a discount store overheated, causing a blaze.
Firefighters were called to their flat in Bournemouth, Dorset, on Monday night when flames began became visible from the property. Residents of the block were evacuated as crews from three Bournemouth fire stations battled the blaze.
No one was injured but the source of the fire is believed to be a cheap phone charger, which was plugged in at the time.
Donna Burton was settling down with her three children, aged 11, 12 and 18 to watch Britain’s got Talent on Monday evening when she noticed the smell of burning coming from her one son’s beds.
After investigating, she noticed the charger had become so hot that a hole had been burnt into the duvet cover.
She quickly unplugged the charger and returned to the living room but the family then spotted a ‘bright orange glow’ and realised the room was on fire. Donna said: ‘My son was charging his phone with a USB charger from a discount shop.
‘He’d plugged it in and then put his phone on the bed. We were watching Britain’s Got Talent together and then I noticed a smell of smouldering.
‘The charger had become so hot it had burned a hole through the duvet cover..’
‘It wasn’t an electrical problem – it was the charger. I wanted to warn people that this could happen to them. It could have been ten times worse.’

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