Real life Spider-man! Heroic onlookers scale four storeys with their bare hands to save a boy dangling from a window grille by his NECK

Two brave onlookers is seen transforming into Spider-man and clambering up four storeys to reach the boy dangling by his neck from a window grille at his home inĀ Fujian, China

A five-year-old boy dangling by his neck from his home's window grilles has been saved by two quick-thinking bystanders in a dramatic rescue in south-east China.

Video of the incident in Fujian province shows the boy hanging mid-air with his head wedged between the mental bars outside of his home on the fourth floor.

Realising that the boy could slip through any moment, two brave onlookers transformed into real life superheroes and started clambering up the building with their bare hands.

One of the brave onlookers is seen holding up the boy's legs to take the weight off his neck before the firefighters arrived. The emergency crew later pulled the boy back into the flat'

They eventually reached the child by climbing up the narrow ledges on the side of the building.

One of the men was able to hold up the boy's legs to take his weight off his neck before firefighters arrived.

Emergency services were alerted to the scene and the boy was pulled back into the flat in about 15 minutes, according to Fuzhou news.

It remains unknown where the boy's parents were when he fell out of the window.

The two courageous men were waiting to pick up their children from a nearby school when they saw the trapped boy.

The incident happened at about 5:15pm on Tuesday in Lianjiang County.

Several other neighbours rushed to the flat where the boy was living, but they could not open the locked door.

How the boy got stuck is something of a mystery but had his head been any smaller he would have fallen through. Fortunately, he did not suffer any serious injuries

How the boy got stuck is something of a mystery but had his head been any smaller he would have fallen through.

The boy was taken to hospital and reportedly did not suffer any serious injuries.

It was reported that the boy's parents were not home at the time of the incident.

Many net users praised the Good Samaritans, hailing them as superheroes.

However, many also criticised the boy's parents for leaving him at home alone.

'Parents really should be more careful. They are not going to be so lucky next time,' one said.

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