Why Igbo should forget presidency in 2019 – IMJ

… Says we are not departing from Nigeria

The Igbo Movement for Justice, IMJ, yesterday called on the Easterners to forget Nigeria presidency come 2019, just as they said that the Igbo presidency could be feasible in 2023. This statement was contained in an address made available to newsmen in Owerri and signed by the President and Secretary of, IMJ, Mr. Obi Onyekamuo and Ken Ibemere respectively. “The talk show syndrome by Igbo leaders is over. We shall bring out the Igbo leaders. We shall now start to articulate programmes and activities on how to achieve political and infrastructural justice for the Igbo nation in Nigeria federation”, IMJ leaders stated.

It was their considered opinion that, “when we look at Nigeria as it is today, the South-East region has legitimate demand for Nigerian Presidency come 2023” adding that, “every other political, traditional or social consideration in Nigeria should be channeled towards achieving this goal”. On the issue of call for secession by pro – Biafra agitators, they said: “The call for secession by some of our brothers is diversionary. We are not leaving Nigeria. The South-East is not leaving Nigeria”. “Since those singing these tunes started over 20 years ago, where have they taken the region to. 

The local population of our people have been fed with a lot of misinformation, but the reality of the story told the people continue to be a mirage. “However, we understand the grievances of some of our brothers who are calling for secession. We do not blame them as such. We are blaming our leaders. The leaders of the Igbo nation. 

What we are suffering today mainly is political injustice”, IMJ leaders said. While dismissing the speculation that the Igbo are not united, the group however submitted that this was not only funny, but also added that Igbo are united in varying ways. “Our past leaders like Dr. Mandi Azikiwe, Dr. Micheal Okpara, Dr Nwafor Orizu, were able to galvanize the Igbo because our people saw them to be selfless in their leadership”, IMJ said. Answering a question, the patriots pleaded with Igbo leaders to throw away these recurring lamentations, adding that “the time is now to set objectives on political and infrastructural justice and map out programmes on how to archive the objectives”.

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