MMM Promoters In Nigeria Have Hired Bankers To Create Fake Accounts To Steal Depositors Funds

While participants are waiting for the promised January 2017 to get their accounts unfrozen, we learnt that MMM promoters in Nigeria have secretly hired bankers to create dummy accounts to transfer funds in depositors accounts into so as to make away with it.
About 3.3million Nigerian participants who have invested over 32billion in this scam will likely have themselves to be blamed if they are still hoping to have their money back in January.
Here is what a financial expert who recently investigated the scam said:

The financial expert added that participants have put themselves at the mercies of fraudulent bankers and fraudsters who used their ignorance to steal their money.
He said come January, they will unfreeze some accounts of people that are fully involved in the scam thereby giving innocent Nigerians false hope that their own accounts will be unfrozen in the upcoming batches and if they ever get their accounts unfrozen, all the money in the account would have gone.
He urged Nigerians to be careful of this kind of scam as this will not be the last time it will be introduced in Nigeria.
Take heart Nigerians! This is indeed a very sad news.

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Source : genechy


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