Nigerian Army promotes Obasanjo’s son, spokesman, 225 others — FULL LIST

The Nigerian Army Council has approved the promotion of Adeboye Obasanjo, son of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, and its spokesman, Sani Usman, in a far-reaching exercise that saw no fewer than 227 officers elevated, PREMIUM TIMES can report.
The promotion came three years after the decoration of 102 officers by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

According to details of an internal memo exclusively obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, the promotion will take effect from as far back as March 2014 for some officers and as recent as December 2016 for many others.

The memo, dated December 9, 2016, said the officers were considered for promotion by the Army Council in strict compliance with the provisions of the Armed Forces Act.
In the latest rounds, 21 officers were promoted to the position of Major-General.
Amongst them is Chukwunedum Abraham, the General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army 2nd Division in Ibadan, whose elevation from the position of a Brigadier-General took effect from January 24, 2016.

Ninety-three were elevated to the rank of Brigadier-General, of which 20 were direct regular commission while the rest were regular combatants.
These include Sani Usman, the spokesman for the Army, whose promotion from the rank of colonel took effect from September 5, 2016.

One hundred and thirteen officers became colonels.
Amongst them is Mr. Obasanjo who was promoted from the position of a lieutenant colonel.
Mr. Obasanjo’s promotion, effective August 27, 2016, came two years after he sustained serious injuries in a shootout with Boko Haram insurgents in Adamawa State.

See the full list of all the promoted officers in the table below:

List of Promoted Nigerian Army Officers

A) WEF 24 Jan 16.
1Brig Gen C.M Abraham(N/8321)HQ 2 Div.
B) WEF 10 Apr 16.
1Brig Gen CO Ojo(N/8137)NAITES.
2Brig Gen AA Nani(N/8140)HQ 8 TF Div.
C) WEF 4 Jul 16.
1Brig Gen OU Obono(N/8305)HQNACA.
2Brig Gen AM Atolagbe(N/83IO)DHQ.
D) WEF 19 Sep 16.
1Brig Gen FO Agugo(N/8385)Def Space Agency.
2Brig Gen EJ Enenche(N/8395)NDC.
3Brig Gen EB Kabuk(N/8409)AHQ DAPP.
4Brig Gen PJ Dauke(N/8414)HQ 3 Div.
5Brig Gen EG Whyte(N/8436)DADP.
E) WEF 24 Sep 16.
1Brig Gen JB Olawumi(N/8795)NA Aviation.
2Brig Gen JO Alomolafe(N/8796)AHQDAPP.
3Brig Gen CO Ude(N/8801)ATIC.
4Brig Gen G Oyefesobi(N/8808)S1 List (NHC London),
5Brig Gen MO Uzoh(N/8826)HQNAEME.
6Brig Gen CC OKonkwo(N/8829)HQ48TFDE.
7Brig Gen MSA Aliyu(N/8831)Office of the COAS.
F) WEF 4 Oct. 16.
1Brig Gen AM jalingo(N/8346)DIA.
G) WEF 24 Dec 16.
1Brig Gen UM Mohammed(N/8656)NAPL.
2Brig Gen BM Shafa(N/8809)DIA.
3Brig Gen NE Angbazo(N/8811)Sl List (NHC Bamako).
A) WEF 5 MAR 14. 
1Col. IY Dogara(N/8501)HQ3 Div.
B) WEF 21 Mar 15.
1Col KN Garba(N/9237)- 6 Div Gar.
2Col AM Bello(N/9246)- STF (Op SAFE HAVEN).
C) WEF 9 Sep 15.
1Col EO Aikhomu(N/8737)DHQ.
2Col IE Nwogu(N/8754)HQNAE.
D) WEF 5 Dec 15.Col A Bande(N/8554)S1 List (SEC 38).
E) WEF 12 Dec 15.Col JO Ugwuoke(N/9348)82 Div Ord Svcs.
F) WEF 21 Dec 15.Col M Danmdami(N/9204)S1 List (SEC 38).
G) WEF 24 Dec 15.Col IA Doma(N/8664)HQ46 DE.
H) WEF 21 Jan 16. Col SB Kumapayi(N/9309)NASI.
I) WEF 3 Mar 16.Col AF Ojerinde(N/8195)HQ8TFDS.
J) WEF 5 Mar 16.Col HS Aduku(N/8524)HQNACA.
K) WEF 9 Mar 16.Col CI Dewua(N/8774)Def Space Agency.
L) WEF 12 Mar 16.
1Col OJ Akpor(N/9337)AHQ DATOPS
2Col HT Wesley(N/9376)AHQ Log Base III.

M) WEF 21 Mar 16
1Col UT Musa(N/9185)STF (Op SAFE HAVEN)
2Col IL Akinlawon(N/9194)DHQ
3Col AD Gbadebo(N/9219)HQ43 DE
N) WEF 5 Jun 16.
1Col MJ Magit(N/8479)AHQ DASE.
2Col IFD Briggs(N/8488)NAITES.
O) WEF 9 Jun 16
1Col NJ Okah(N/8683)AMSC.
2Col AA Odoba(N/8697)NA Aviation.
P) WEF 12 Jun 16
1Col AA Eyitayo(N/9367)S1 List (NDC Bangladesh).
2Col AK Ibrahim(N/9368)HQ 1 Diy.
Q) WEF 27 Jun 16.Col GB Audu(N/9101)DHQ CP Cell.
R) WEF 4 Sep16.Col V Ebhaleme (N/9088)(N/9088)BHQ
S) WEF 5 Sep16.
1Col MK Mohammed(N/8487)HQ 32 Bde.
2Col O Adewa(N/8500HQ41 DE.
T) WEF 6 Sep 16.
1Col PA Alamba(N/92227)DIA
2Col MA Bolarinwa(N/9230)DHQ
U) WEF 8 Sep16.
1Col OO Oluyede(N/9318)HQ 1 Diy.
2Col OF Ohunyeye(N/9314)NDe.
3Col UU Bassey(N/9347)NAPKFOB Abuja.
4Col SI Igbinomwanhia(N/9379)81 Diy Gar.
V) WEF 10 Sep 16
1Col TT Numbere(N/9680)HQ 48 TF DE.
2Col AU Kuliaya(N/9682)3 DIe
3Col OR Aiyenigha(N/9683)NARC
4Col DI Salihu(N/9684)CIC.
5Col NC Ugbo(N/9685)NAOMT.
6Col SA Akesode)(N/9686)DHQ
7Col SG Mohammed(N/9688)245 Bn.
8Col KA Isoni(N/9691)HQ 82 Div.
9Col H Ahmed(N/9698)82 Diy Pray Gp.
10Col BU Yahaya(N/9699)DIA.
11Col HT Dada(N/9700)HQ TC (Op LAFIADOLE).
12Col AS Ndalolo(N/9704)NARC.
13Col AA Fayemiwo(N/9706)AHQDATOPS.
14Col AS Chinade(N/9710)HQ 5 Bde.
15Col OA Adenuga(N/9715)2 Div Fin.
16Col LA Lebo(N/9719)HQ 37 Bde.
17Col IM Jallo(N/9721)AHQ Gar.
18Col UT Otaru(N/9731)7 Diy ST.
19Col E Akerejola(N/9737)AHQ ST.
20Col HG Tafida(N/9749)S1 List (SEC 38).
21Col OL Olayinka(N/9893)HQNACMP.
22Col GU Chibuisi(N/9693)AHQDOAA
W) WEF 5 Dec 16.Col Y Hassan(N/8568)HQ 14 Bde.
X) WEF 10 Dec 16.
1Col AB Samba(N/9689)8 TF DIe.
2Col EH Akpan(N/9705)NAOS.
3Col AA Orukotan(N/9717)37 Bde Gar.
4Col EA Anaryu(N/9728)82 Div ST.
5Col AI Taiwo(N/9741)HQNAIC.
6Col J Mohammed(N/9752)ONSA.
7Col ZL Abubakar

List of Promoted Nigerian Army Officers

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