Trump’s Victory: A Historical Upset

I have to admit it. I fully did NOT expect Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States of America. All of the odds were against him: He was underfunded compared to Hillary’s money machine; Nearly every media source was openly against him; Not one major celebrity came out to support him; He was labbeled a racist and a misogynist; All leading figures of his own party abandoned him; Much of his policies were in direct opposition with the aims of the globalist elite; Robert DeNiro said he wanted to punch him in the face.

Despite all of this, Trump won. While Hillary had the entire establishment behind her – including elite organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations – she did not win. How did this happen? Is this a ‘rebellion against the elite’ as some journalists claimed … or it the elite placing the perfect fall guy for things to come?
One thing is for sure, one voice was heard loudly: Conservative White people from rural areas. Looking at the electoral map, Trump won nearly 100% of the areas corresponding to this demographic. Did they feel that their current government pandered to every possible minority while leaving them out to dry? Did they feel that the liberal values promoted by the Democrats went too far against their Conservative outlook? Did they feel that the American ‘race’ was being diluted by a steady stream of illegal immigrants? Did they reject the tolerant attitude of the government versus Islam? Answering yes to any combination of these questions lead to a vote for Trump.


While media around the world writes pages upon pages analyzing the results of this election, one single word could sum up the entire thing: “Visceral”.
Trump’s electorate had a visceral reaction to Trump and an opposite visceral reaction to Clinton. Electing Trump was a move that came from the guts and the instincts rather than rational calculations. Trump never engaged into complex policies or presented spreadsheets full of numbers. He simply represented, by who he was, the opposite of things his voters were clearly sick of seeing.
Trump was at odds with the ‘liberal agenda’ in mass media, with internalization of borders citizenship, with political correctness, with ‘social justice warriors’ and with the agenda of globalist forces (he even brought up George Soros by name during the campaign). Trump did not promise numbers and new policies as much as he promised to rid America from things he describes as parasitic, whether it be big government, illegal aliens, foreign countries requiring aid, etc. This provoked a visceral positive reaction from a demographic base whose motto could easily be “Get off my lawn or I’ll shoot ya”.

What Now?

That being said, will Trump truly deliver on his promises? The one who described himself as ‘not a politician’ has become a politician. And, as you might know, what is said on the campaign trail often differ greatly to what actually happens in government. Do you remember when Obama promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay over eight years ago? Well, after two mandates, that did not happen. Not even close.
Will Trump actually build a wall? Will he deport millions of illegal immigrants? Will he block Muslims from entering the USA? Many of his promises were clearly unconstitutional. Entities such as the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court can easily shut down any policy that does not pass their tests. A few historical facts however give Trump unprecedented power: The Republicans control all three branches of governments and Trump is set to nominate a Supreme Court judge.

Things to Watch For

While Trump appeared to be at odds with the world elite, he will still most likely be used to advance its agenda. The entire American population, especially those who voted for him, need to remain vigilant and always question the true agenda behind new policies. Here are things to watch for.
First, the promotion of a ‘race war’ is something that has been going on for years and Trump might be used to push that agenda further. Leaders from Black and White communities have been riling up their bases and various movements have been gaining steam. The racial nature of Trump’s policies might set things ablaze.
Next, Trump often emphasized the notion of ‘law and order’ when addressing issues in urban areas. We do not need to go too far in the past to see totalitarian regimes devolving from ‘law and order’ to outright ‘police state’ after an important event. Also, the totalitarian tendencies displayed by Trump’s attitude and vocabulary during the campaign might be used to steer America towards an ugly fascist place.
Finally, some observers are already wondering if the elite will ‘punish’ the United States with an engineered economic crisis or something of the sorts. Trump’s election combined with the UK’s unexpected and anti-globalist Brexit means that the two most powerful economic powers of the world have taken a ‘rogue’ path. They might be forced towards the ‘right way’ by the world elite using painful economic methods.
Trump’s victory is therefore an unexpected yet historic event. While it can be interpreted as a slap to the political elite’s face, it also opens a path to a world of uncertainty. A Clinton presidency would have been extremely predictable and in perfect continuation with the previous administration. Conversely, it is extremely difficult to predict which direction a Trump presidency will go. One thing is for sure, the same shadow government that has been ruling the country (and the world) for decades, is still there. And the ‘chaos’ factor of Trump might very well play in their favor.
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