Exclusive: 'I refuse to be made a clown, Bobrisky hasn't inspired anything about me- Cross dresser Bayo says

Cross dresser Bayo has revealed that he barely knows popular Nigerian bleaching enthusiast/ male barbie, Bobrisky, stating that he'll like all comparisons between them to end. Speaking exclusively to Linda Ikeji's Blog, Bayo said he's refused to be ridiculed or made a clown, and that everyone who can't stand his guts should go 'buy themselves a personality' Read his statement after the cut..

'This is to clear the wrong impression being said about me and Bobrisky' 'Bobrisky is a guy I just realized existed only but a few weeks ago, He hasn't inspired anything about me.Am a person of my own "RARE BEING" I have my own story, my own journey, refused to be ridiculed or made a clown.Do you see me with a squeaky nose and a clown wig? I am my own person, it's called "Originality" I have heard the comments made about me in a list format but I would say 1/4 of those things were pointless and felt a bit too whiney.' Bayo exclusively told LIB.

'I know people keep thinking they have an opinion in my life saying things that they didn't like about me.Well if you think you have a say in my life, please which of my bills are you paying today ? You sit there and try to judge me huh? Is God hiring today because I should also send in my applications too, Since everyone is playing God these days. They don't like you but they will be checking your page religiously.' 'I solely believe in being rare, I mean it's better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. People don't know just when to stop and get a life of there own.Now let me make this clear again I am a rare being , one as simple as can be.

The only reason people feel bobrisky inspired me is because he was first discovered but baby I have been here way longer than I can remember.And to those one's that can't stand my guts , darling go buy yourself a personality because you know a lot about me, but baby I don't even know you exist.' 'This has been my personality bitch u weren't doing that until I was, but it's none of my business. I have always been me, always been very direct and have told the truth and have been willing to stand up and speak for myself and others out there who are bullies into shell.In order to be irreplaceable you must be different. I like how you hate my guts but girl I see you trying to copy me.' 'I don't and though because you are obsessed with me ....lol.... Over hate your haters, Respect them because They are the ones who think that you are better than them. Oh I am for sure an original, no copies. Our taste in clothes and shoes are very tacky but you copy my style though, that's who I have always been...Dummy....!!.

 'The tacky comments and internet bullies, all am gonna say is THANK YOU all because if you guys didn't exist , they wouldn't be me....Big thank you to my haters, you have only made me stronger. BAYO HAS JUST BEGUN PEOPLE.'

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