Artist ! Artist !! Artist !!! Dont miss this END OF THE YEAR offer to XPLODE your music CAREER !!! OFFER LAST TILL December 28

 We are an Online Portal that can guarantee you excellent music promotion and maximum  exposure for your song both locally and internationally , we can help you target ur desired audience.

We  Get Artiste Song up on our Platform with Massive Promotion on our Website, Twitter, Facebook Page ,G+ Users , and on our Whatsapp Channel to over Millions Users.

[You Get the Following Promotional means when you promote your song with us here on Infinity Productions]

1. Your Music get posted on Infinity Productions Site to Million+ of Users.

2. Your Music link get posted on our Facebook page to Fans

3. Your Music link get posted on our Twitter page   Followers

4. Your Music link get broadcast on our Whatsapp Channel  BBM Subscribers.

5. Your Music link get broadcast on our Google+ Users

6. We will build a Complete Music Page for you on our Website with your Song Details and  a Link to your Twitter and Facebook page to gain new Followers

7. You will surely Build a Large Fanbase with Us, and can as well Receive Maybe Record Labels Proposal [If not Signed Yet]. And that's not all - 

8.We will build a free Website for you .( This is only a Bonus package )

Give us a Trial, Your Musical Career will turn a new and positive way.

Do get back to Us if you're Interested, So we can Update you on What next to do which is how to make payment and how to get your Song content across to Us.

God Bless the Passion.

Kindly Note that we have  more Music Promotional Packages that you can go for to get more Exposure & 

Downloads for your Song. Let us know if you’re interesting in know these packages.

NOTE:- You must have your Song on Infinity Productions first before you can go for any of these other packages.

This package costs N40.000 and offer lasts till December 28 . 


 Get Your Rhythmic Track Licensed in TV, Films & Video Games if selected

 . we can submit your song to 

a premier music services firm which specializes in securing sync placements for a roster of GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriters, producers, and artists  also represents major and independent artists, labels, publishers, and management companies around the world, and many CONNECT artists.

                Call : +2348178672673 or email : to begin your promotion today. 

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