A teenage girl went to a fraternity party to have a good time, but now she’s in the hospital fighting for her life

A teenage girl who was knocked unconscious during a party near a Rutgers fraternity house Saturday is fighting for her life.
Emily Rand’s family is asking for help to identify the man who hit her, according to NJ.com.
Video of the altercation shows Rand, 19, hit an unidentified male, who in turn punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground where she fractured her skull. The man was seen running away after punching her, according to New Brunswick Patch.
“Yes, she did swing at him first, but it didn’t give him a right to hit her and knock her down,” Debbie O’Connor, Rand’s aunt and legal guardian, told News 12 New Jersey.
Rand, a Middlesex County College student, had surgery to reduce bleeding in her brain Friday,according to NJ.com. She faces at least a month or two in rehabilitation whenever she gets out of the hospital, O’Connor said.
“They don’t know what her prognosis is right now,” she told News 12 New Jersey.
New Brunswick police have not yet charged anyone in the incident.

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