See How Private Jets Are Queuing To Pick Up Tboss (Photos)

And the Memes Begins
What a nation.. a pregnant wife got best overall student in Lasu, not even a rebroadcast of the news, millions are jobless and another tens of thousand just got released to the market, no news , no story. .

They are lazy minds anyway.. sponsor a show where nudity, porn and script can be acted, mixed that with football.. Nigerian youth will get occupied.. Government officials eating away their futures, who cares ” who politics Don help” they say. Tonight, even those I thought had some moral codes lost the tag.. you support this and that to win 25m for doing what? Why not pick the placards to ask for 30k for yourself for your own sake?

 Easy does it for the Nigerian Youth. South Africa BB.. no jobs for their youth, they killed your kinsmen, who caresses? MTN still rakes in billions of your hard earned money and take same to the same South Africa… Breaking news.. Efe Won 25m ? How much is that in Dollars? Best investment to is run away from Nigeria to start his new life, that’s if he won’t blow it in a week, I still asked ” For doing what? Fela Don talk Suffering and Smiling. Your team Don win, tomorrow is Monday, where is that transport fare coming from? Have you deducted it from your last salary? 

Don bother telling me what’s left. . Wait!!! Next year own go be sweater.. they picked red cups and post with empty bottles, that’s how you know he has 5k left in his pocket, Aye things, Opelope Oyinbo, elegushi things, red cup and two fingers is the success story for the average.. 30 and still can’t afford a self contain apartment, but he doesn’t care, Chelsea is untop of the table, that’s is family name he needs to protect. 

They will still be the one to abuse the ones who dares to ask. Kare alara bolugi boluope.. when you fail to rise to demand for what they took from you, prepare to lose what you have left. Am out.

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