Brazilian Journalist Describes How Bernie-Style Socialism Destroyed His Country

The trouble with communism and socialism is that they both sound good on paper. In reality, not so much. That’s because, in the theory-stage of deciding how it’s going to work, both systems deny the reality of a vital component of any economic/governmental system: human nature. By nature, humans want to keep what they earn. If random strangers – even strangers bearing government credentials – demand that people give up what they earn by force, nobody is going to want to do that.

A second problem with communism and socialism is that their massive failings are rarely taught or known on a mainstream level, thanks to progressives in education and the media. If our history and civics books were honest, they would detail human atrocities and disgusting oppression all done in the name of economic collectivism. Dictators such as Stalin, Mao, Chavez, and the Kims have caused so much human suffering in the name of making everyone “equal.”

Well, everyone’s “equal” except for the Precious Dear Leader Of People’s Communist Revolution For Make Wonderful Glory Greatest Country, who so benevolently grants you the right to eat crappy food and live in crappy housing and go to crappy doctors when the crappy food and housing make you sick – if you’re allowed to go to the doctor at all.

But students don’t hear about that in schools. They just hear about how EEEEEEEVIL and greedy American capitalists are.
So – how do we learn about these collectivist hellholes? By looking at the collectivist hellholes that exist in the world right now.

PragerU has a new video out featuring a journalist from Brazil named Felipe Moura Brasil who describes how Brazil went from an economically prosperous and thriving country, to one of the lowest economies in the world. And it has everything to do with the kind of socialism that young voters went batcrap insane over during Bernie Sanders’s campaign.

You know, I’d never really paid much attention to Brazil, so I never realized that they were in the grips of a socialist dystopia. How many times have we heard from the left that socialism can work – you just need the “right” people in charge or the “right” circumstances?

So… who are those “right” people? And if socialism is so great, how come we can’t find those “right” people? And why does socialism fail miserably everywhere it’s tried. Here’s yet another example where an economic system where the government has all the power destroyed a country that – a mere decade before – was growing and thriving.

Whatever faults the left can find in capitalism, I can find hundreds of times more problems with socialism.
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