Brazilian Student Disappears Leaving Behind a Room Covered in Coded Texts and Occult Symbols

A Brazilian student has mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a locked room covered in encrypted texts, 14 handwritten books and a massive statue of occultist Giordano Bruno.
Bruno Borges, a 24-year-old student from Brazil, reportedly vanished on March 27th after completing a secretive project consisting of thousands of pages of encrypted texts combined with mysterious symbols. Along with references to the Bible, alchemy, demonology and Leonardo da Vinci, Borges left a bizarre painting of him with an alien – prompting some people to conclude that he was … abducted by aliens.
Borges was reportedly asking people to invest in his secretive project without disclosing any information about it. He told his mother he was writing 14 books that would change humanity in a good way. After receiving $6500 (R$20.000) from his cousin, he was able to finish his project.
Here are pictures of this mysterious room.

Borges left 14 books full of encrypted text and occult/scientific diagrams.
All of the text in the books and plastered on the walls is written in code.

In the middle of the room stands a statue of Bruno Giordano that is worth several thousand dollars.
The statue stands on a complex diagram resembling the alchemical symbol of transmutation.
A shrine with the Virgin Mary.
Painting of Bruno Borges with an alien.
Another bizarre painting depicts a cloaked figure with the same symbol as seen in the eyes of Borges and the alien. The figure holds a crux ansata (known as the Egyptian cross ankh). A Christian cross hangs on the wall. The entire room oddly blends Catholic imagery with occultism.
Here’s a video of the room in question.
The centerpiece of this room, the statue of Giordano Bruno, provides insight into the meaning of this entire setup.
Giordano Bruno was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, and cosmological theorist of the 16th century. He is mostly known for his unique combination of esoteric knowledge drawn from Hermetism, Egyptian magic and the Kaballah with theories on the cosmos and extra-terrestrial life.
“Giordano Bruno (1548–1600) is regarded among extraterrestrial apologists, secular and occult, as a free-thought martyr. Born in Naples, Bruno was a Catholic priest, Dominican monk, philosopher, hermetist, Kabbalist, mathematician, and astronomer. Influenced by Lucretius, his cosmology went well beyond the Copernican model by proposing that the sun was merely a garden variety star, and moreover, that the universe contained an infinitenumber of worlds populated by intelligent alien beings. Delving deeply into occult lore, Bruno preferred magical to mathematical reasoning. Bruno’s faith has been described as “an incoherent materialistic pantheism.” Moreover, Bruno argued that his beliefs did not contradict Scripture or true religion. Yet, this begs the question: What did he regard as true religion?
Bruno defined magic as “the knowledge of the science of nature.” Within the renaissance worldview, it was common to merge magic and science because both explore and seek to gain mastery over the structure of the universe. Similarly, religion and magic were conflated because both answered the ultimate questions and offered communion with the divine. Accordingly, for Bruno, magic was the tool for realizing the ends of science and religion. While it seems at odds with the cold, hard, materialist posturing we are accustomed to, naturalist scientists are the heirs apparent to many of the occult traditions.”
– Cris D. Putnam, Giordano Bruno
Frances Yates seminal work Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition further describes Bruno’s unique blend of esoteric magic and cosmology.
“Bruno was an intense religious Hermetist, a believer in the magical religion of the Egyptians as described in the Asclepius, the imminent return of which he prophesied in England, taking the Copernican sun as a portent in the sky of this imminent return. He patronises Copernicus for having understood his theory only as a mathematician, whereas he (Bruno) has seen its more profound religious and magical meanings.
Thus that wonderful bound of the imagination by which Bruno extended his Copernicanism to an infinite universe peopled with innumerable worlds, all moving and animated with the divine life, was seen by him—through his misunderstandings of Copernicus and Lucretius—as a vast extension of Hermetic gnosis, of the magician’s insight into the divine life of nature.
Giordano Bruno’s Egyptianism was demonic and revolutionary, demanding full restoration of the Egyptian-Hermetic religion.”
– Frances A. Yates, Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition
Author Karen Silvia de León-Jones believed Bruno was foremost a Kabbalist and concludes:
“Bruno is implementing those ‘angelic superstructures’ through which demons are controlled, and this is precisely demonic magic.”
– Karen Silvia de León-Jones, Giordano Bruno and the Kabbalah
Borges’ room is clearly a shrine to Giordano Bruno’s work with, possibly, some added insight.

Where is Borges?

Bruno Borges
Borges’ family are apparently shaken by the disappearance of the 24-year-old psychology student.
The student’s shaken businessman father Athos Borges, said he last saw his son when he left their family home in Rio Branco, Acre, without any money after lunch on March 27.
He said the family have received some information, but nothing concrete and nothing that would indicate what has happened.
He told : “We’ve tried to call him on his cell phone, but it’s off.
“He’s never gone before. He did not take anything and the last time we saw him he was leaving home.”
Borges mother, Denise Borges, told the Gaucho newspaper that the family had lunch together and that everything seemed fine.
She said: “He was clever. In school he was always different – a born leader with high powers of persuasion.
“He is such a kind-hearted boy.”
Mr and Mrs Borges had just returned from a month-long trip before his disappearance.
While they were away Borges’ sister Gabriela said her brother had isolated himself in his bedroom, which which he always kept locked.
Gabriella says she believes her brother has a “plan” and is working on publishing the 14 handwritten books found in his room.
She said: “We were very worried. Now we think he’s okay. He has a project, which is the publication of these 14 books. I think he had to do it that way.”
The 14 bound manuscripts – each with a Roman numeral on – were found in the room written in the same code as that on the walls.”
– The Mirror, Alien enthusiast mysteriously disappears
The Criminal Investigation Department (DIC) are investigating Borges’ disappearance. According to lead investigator Fabrizzio Sobreira, the case remains confidential, but all possibilities are being considered.
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