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There are various types of bracelets. Among them, the NORLAND titanium energy bracelet is quite a fashionable one. But as it has magnetic qualities, 

thus, like magnetic therapy it also alleviate the pain of the wearer to some extent.

Easy to wear and safe bracelets of titanium can minimize the symptoms of back pain and arthritis.


**Helps in Relieving Pain*

The NORLAND titanium energy bracelet has been a good way of pain reduction. Sometimes it was found to be relieving in carpel tunnel syndrome. 

The nerves stimulated when magnets are used in a specific area. This helps in releasing the natural pain killers of the body.

*Adequate blood circulation*

The magnet also stimulates the flow of blood. This leads to the increase in the ionic exchange. Thus, the person will have a gush of nutrients and oxygenated blood into the area.

*Initiates Better Healing*

Norland titanium energy bracelet is as good as a healing compound. The healing is initiated by the disposing and localizing the by-products of any injury. 

The usage of the negatively charged magnets if kept in direct contact with the injured area may increase the body’s power to start the healing process.

*Boosts the Healing System*

The NORLAND titanium energy bracelet had a massive role in increasing the white blood cells. The white blood cells are the ones that defend the body against foreign materials and infectious diseases.

*Detoxification power*

It also help to remove the toxins from the affected area. This promotes a healthy immune system. The body’s immune system may speed up in this system.

*Helps to Increase Energy*

A NORLAND bracelet of titanium can give a person more energy. The magnetic therapy leads to the increase of the oxygen flow in the body. The flow of oxygen plays a significant part in the metabolism of the energy. 

This also is good for imparting energy through respiration of carbon dioxide. They enhance cellular respiration. The oxygen level in the blood increases and thus, the person feels more energetic.

*Anti-Inflammatory Properties*

The NORLAND titanium bracelets have anti-inflammatory functions also. This occurs because the normal electromagnetic in the body is restored. A normal electromagnetic property provides relax to the capillary 

walls. This is also good for the connective tissues and the surrounding muscles and allows proper flow of the blood. The proper flow of blood requires the transfer of the nutrients and the oxygen to the injured place. 

This causes a decrease in the inflammatory agents and the pain of a person.

Because the bracelets are made of titanium, they are less likely to corrode away. In fact, the NORLAND titanium bracelets can withstand high-temperature conditions, rough handling, and salt water. 

Thus you can be sure that they are going to last you for several years.


Who work at the desk for a long time

Have a bad blood circulation and get soreness

Pain and numbness in the lumber vertebra and cervical vertebra

Suffer high blood pressure.

Have Hyperlipaemia and high glucose

Suffer great pressure from work and study.

With Mental stress and forgetfulnes.

Who are subject to hypoimmunity, fatigue and cold, and always feel the hands and feet icy cold

Who have poor sleep and living habits, especially those who often stay up late

Who suffer soreness and pain in muscle from too much exercise.

Those who suffer from stroke.

It protects users from radiation from cellphones as well as all electrical appliances


Length: 22cm

Weight : 55.4g

Heat resistant

Water resistant

Colour: black

Price : N28,000/ negotiable 

WhatsApp only : 08097397093

Calls, SMS & WhatsApp: 08082176731

We deliver nationwide.

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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