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Ashwagandha DS And Fertivitz P13 (Superb Fertility Tonic For Women)

Price - N47,500

Active ingredient: - Ashoka Bark Extract-Shatavari root Extract- Lodhra Extract etc

Ashoka Bark Extract:The bark of the tree plays an important role for making medicines to cure uterus, ovarian tissue, regulates menstruation and restore fertility. 

Surprising Uses and Benefits of Ashoka Bark Extract:- It helps to reduces painful bleeding, leucorrhea and headache for women.

- It helps to treat uterine fibroids and other internal fibroids.

- It can helps in relieve joint pain, muscle pain, and back pain.

- It is also used to treat dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, cysts, fibroids, irregular menstrual cycles, and other reproductive disorders.

shatavari root extract:

Can shatavari help you get pregnant?

Shatavari is a superb fertility tonic for women, balancing hormones as well as providing nourishment and strength to the uterus. ... 

Clinical studies have also shown it increases the quality and quantity of milk flow in breastfeeding women.

Does shatavari increase estrogen?

In Ayurveda, shatavari is used medicinally as a diuretic and “it acts as antispasmodic [muscle relaxer] on uterine tissue.” ... And, once a healthy baby is delivered, shatavari acts as a galactogogue. 

“That can increase production of breast milk in nursing mother.

What is shatavari root good for?Adaptogenic herbs are said to help your body cope with physical and emotional stress. 

Shatavari is considered a general health tonic to improve vitality, making it a staple in ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda texts and modern research back the following facts:

- Its rejuvenates properties.

- Helps maintain a healthy balance between the nervous system, endocrine glands and immune system.

-  Reducing the harmful effects of chronic stress in the body.

- It is a powerful antioxidant.

- Traditionally referred to as an aphrodisiac. 

- Ashwagandha DS promotes sexual health by:-- Uplifting the mood- Reducing anxiety- Improving energy levels and fertility, thus supporting sexual performance.

*Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha*

Is an ancient medicinal herb.

- Can reduce blood sugar levels.

- Might have anticancer properties.

- Can reduce cortisol levels.

- May help reduce stress and anxiety.

- May reduce symptoms of depression.

- Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men.

- May increase muscle mass and strength

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