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Nourishing Health Shoe Insole is the world first amazing product integrated with foot spa essence that stimulate foot acupoints, through heat, unlocks the whole body meridians, 

thereby protecting the body from diseases. It is available for both male and female 

Nourishing HEALTH SHOE INSOLE A traditional Chinese foot therapy that adopts human engineering mechanics technology that simulates artificial reflexology to carry out massage for more that 60 acupoints and 

more that 10 meridian points in order to unblock the meridians of the foot and resolve feet problems. 

Wearing this shoe insole will helps on ergonomics relaxing and unblocking the meridians and nourishing the feet .

Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

*Unblock meridians to improve good health wear it daily & enjoy the feeling of foot SPA everyday by ensuring feet care, protect the feet.

*Massage acupuncture points while you are walking through acquisition of magnetic, soft & comfortable materials.

*Eliminate fatigue & relieve stress through far infrared 

*Improve blood circulation through massaging the feet.



*Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress.

*Promote the regulation of the nervous system, improve sleep quality.

*Prevention of hypertension: regulate the nervous and endocrine systems, then balance blood pressure.

*Relieve arthritis: strengthen blood circulation, clear colesterols and activate blood circulation, have better physiotherapy effect to rheumatoid arthritis.

*Activate the nerve end of the legs, connect the upper and lower nervous system, eliminate the numbness of legs and feet.

*Improve hyperglycemia: regulate the endocrine system, promote the recovery of pancreatic islet cells, and control blood glucose.

*Beauty: enhance skin metabolism and decompose body fat, make skin white and keep body slim.

*Eliminate bacterial sin the subcutaneous regions 

*Relieves tension and stress and strengthen bones and muscles

*Accelerate blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

*Strengthens heart functions and protect brains 

*Helps to solve foot problem


Far-infra-red cloth: activates foot cells and promote microcirculation

Magnetic Chips: Functions as foot acupoints massage and promote blood circulation

Nano Silver Particles: Acts as antibacterial (Kills germs on foot), dispels athlete's foot and prevent Tinea Pedis

Negative ions


All both men and women 



Product Line: folabajo store

Weight (kg): 1Norland Nouripad 

Price: N48,000/ negotiable

WATCH VIDEO -  https://youtu.be/xMvreXKYCxU

WhatsApp only : 08097397093

Calls, SMS & WhatsApp: 08082176731

We deliver nationwide.

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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