The Real Faces Slaughtering Nigerians All In The Name Of Fulani Herdsmen

The cattle rearers; are they the real culprits? NO.
Who are these Fulani herdsmen/cattle rustlers? 
These people are just cattle rearers working for their owners; they are very poor people enslaved and used to rear cattle all across Nigeria. Wait to see the real culprits, keep reading!
These cattle rearers are employed like you employ your Hausa may guard, your Igbo houseboy, your Calabar cook or your Yoruba driver; same sort of job and the same sort of people. You can choose to employ similar house helpers from Ghana, Togo or any other African country.
Unfortunately, these owners of the cows are highly placed Northerners and businessmen. In the guise of remaining behind the scenes, they have an association of cattle rustlers, with their representatives holding forth for them. Those you see granting interviews revealing why they killed in retaliation are simply their proxies.
The owners of the cows are the big shots in this country: governors, army generals, traditional rulers, and top politicians, including those in the National Assembly trying to force through a grazing bill which would allow them to invade any state in Nigeria with their cows, destroying private lands of those communities simply to feed their cows.
There are equally businessmen all across Nigeria who are into this cow rustling business. It is not even the poor Fulani rearing these cows who are the real owners of this billion Naira business. It is just another form of business and happens to be Fulani who are specialists in crisscrossing the length and breadth of our country rearing these cows for their masters.
The herdsmen don’t even know their masters. The person they know is the middleman who says, “We have 1000 cows and we want you to rear for somebody. This is the mode of payment, or after five years take 10 percent, depending on the proceeds you have gotten, and another person will take over.” I wouldn’t want people to understand this problem as a “Fulani problem" alone but rather an elite problem.
Questions for the Buhari administration!
1. Who is arming herdsmen with AK-47 rifles?
2. Why is the president so reluctant to speak on the issue?  Who are rearing his cows?
3. Why hasn’t anyone been prosecuted over the killings?
4. Why do the people governing Nigeria seemingly care more about the lives of cows than the lives of human beings?
The shadowy owners of these cows are responsible and culpable for the massacre of Nigerians all across the country.
Foreigners from Mali, Senegal, Togo and other West African countries are brought into our country by the same masters who own these cows. They are armed to the teeth hence they are very brazen in their attacks. These attacks happen when either some of these devilish people want to massacre in retaliation for a particular grievance or simply want to kill Christians.

Whatever it is, those who keep mute, including the Presidency, are culpable in these attacks.

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