How does Ipro Network Work ? Invest and start Making Money Now

If you have been looking for ways to make passive income online, you must have heard about iPro Network.

There has been a lot of news about iPro Network that got a lot of people investing in this business opportunity.

What Is iPro Network All About?

iPro Network brings together Cashback and Cryptocurrency system into one stop.

The company is founded by Armando Contreras that happens to be the CEO of the organization.

iPro Network is a business opportunity that allows their retailers to invest and receive what we know as ProCurrency (formerly known as Pro Coin) as they check out.
Updated: The ProCoin finished its ICO and went public in this past spring.  Now Pro Coin is known as ProCurrency and has the current public value at 8 cents.

What Are Products And Services Offered By iPro Network?

This company requires you to invest in their ProCurrency when you become a member. Now the ProCurrency is publicly tradeable which means it is on the exchange and can be purchased outside of the Ipro Network.
Currently, the company offers Pro rebate reward apps, Training, an e-commerce platform for its members.

How Do You Earn Money With iPro Network?

The company offers you several ways to make money with them.
The investment the company accepts is the ProCurrency and offers commissions based on what they invested.
You will receive ProCurrency gift at the amount of the package you invested.
They pay about seventy percent of the investment in cash but the remaining thirty percent is usually paid via pro-coin.
Direct Commission
The iPro Network gives direct 10% commission to any member who sponsors new affiliate to invest in the company pro-coin.
That is about ten percent of the sponsor amount.
Residual Commissions
iPro Network pays their member via the binary option. And member will have right and left wing affiliate sponsors and after this, they will be added to the affiliate’s downline.
The commission is totally dependent on the various sales made. There are no restrictions to the potential of your earnings.
Matching Commission
iPro Network also gives ten percent bonus for matching to the members accepting the residual commission.
Level 1 will get 10%
Level 2 will get 10%
Level 3 will get 20%
Bonus for Leadership Rank
iPro Network pays bonuses their leadership rank as stated below:
Pro 1 is $50
Pro 2 $200
Pro 3 is one percent of total investment generated by their affiliates.
Pro 4 is one and a half percent of the total invested of their affiliates
Pro 5 is two percent of the total investment from their affiliates
Pro 6 is two and a half percent of the total investment of the affiliates.
While Pro 7 is around three percent of their affiliates total investment.


What Is The Cost Of Joining IPro Network?

You will need to pay $50 to an affiliate and then you will be able to invest in any of the plans below:
The Basic Investment Plan that goes for $100
The Intermediate Investment Plan valued around $500
The Accelerated Investment Plan that cost $1500
The Advanced Investment Plan priced at $2500
And the Professional Investment Plan which is around $5500
See The Details Below

What I Like About iPro Network

  • Their system is very easy to use.
  • They offer ways to make money with them.
  • The system is highly accessible.
  • They have an affiliate program.

iPro Network has a good compensation plan for their members and investing in cryptocurrency can be a lucrative investment in this technology age.
You can make money with them

 If you would like to watch the full 35-minute webinar on this incredible opportunity, please click here:

So Why Wait :

To find out how PRO is Rewarding Retailers and Consumers and for more information on PRO ,call - +2348092766208 or  click here to contact an IPRO Associate and will get back to you . Don't be left behind !

To Sign up and Join Ipro CLICK HERE

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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