Massive sinkhole suddenly appears on busy road and nearly swallows bus carrying 21 passengers

When next you want to wish for the floor to open up and swallow you, just know that it's not exactly impossible for that to happen as can be seen with what happened in China on Friday.

A passenger bus carrying 21 people escaped by seconds the tragedy of being swallowed by a massive sinkhole which appeared all of a sudden on a busy road in Nanning Guangxi, China.

In the heart-stopping clip, a car can be seen passing by after which a part of the road sunk all of a sudden creating a huge hole just as the passenger bus was approaching. Luckily, the driver stopped just in time.

A camera inside the bus shows the bus shaking with the driver desperately accelerating over the collapsing road with only seconds to spare.Luckily, nobody was injured and that part of the road was later sectioned off and concrete was poured into the sink hole.
Sinkholes are quite common all over the world, especially in the U.S. These holes open up suddenly without any sign or warning and people have in fact become victims and fallen into these holes.
More photos and the video below...


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