Russia's Vladimir Putin praises Trump, says he represents 'ordinary Americans' (video)

Russia's president and the 2016 Forbes most powerful man in the world, Vladmir Putin has given a surprising defence of Donald Trump's 'extravagant behavior' during the campaign trail, saying the Republican party presidential candidate represents 'ordinary Americans' and he has used the best possible way to reach out to Americans.
"Mr. Trump, he has probably chosen his own method to get through to voters' hearts," Putin told foreign policy experts in southern Russia.

"He behaves extravagantly of course, we see this, but I think there's a reason for this, because in my opinion he represents the interests of that part of society - and it is quite big in the United States - which is tired of the elite who have been in power for decades."
The US government also recently accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against the White House and the Democratic Party but Putin dismissed the allegations, saying a cyber attack against another country or other types of interference in other countries' internal affairs were intolerable.

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