Photos: Doctor delivers baby but leave the head inside then sends the mother to another hospital without a word

A shocking story of alleged medical malpractice is coming out of a hospital in the southern Thai town of Pattalung.
Last Wednesday, October 26th, a 17 year old girl named only as Poo - went in to have a baby at the hospital that was not named. The duty doctor pulled the baby out but its head broke off.

The relatives waited nervously outside the delivery room for a long time. Eventually they were told to take the expectant mother to another hospital. No explanation was given by the duty doctor.

The family took her to another hospital where a suction machine was used. The doctor there discovered that only the head of the baby was in the mothers womb. The body was missing.
Shocked relatives went back to the original hospital to find out what happened. Later it emerged that the duty doctor at the original hospital had pulled the baby out but had decapitated it in the process but said nothing to the relatives.
Daily News further discovered that following the delivery, a public health official had offered the family 400,000 baht in compensation.
The elder sister of the mother posted pictures of the head of the baby on Facebook along with a message saying that they were absolutely shocked, adding that there is no way would they accept compensation without the hospital and doctor accepting responsibility.
The sister said that people went online to say that she was a liar and threats were made to her. She told daily News: "Who in hell would lie about such a thing?"
Relatives of the mother, who is currently recovering from the ordeal in the second hospital, that also was not named, have gone to the government's Damrongtham watchdog group to seek justice.
Meanwhile the local health chief Dr Thanit Sermkaek ordered an investigation into the matter as the hospital said such a thing had never happened before.
Daily News further reported that the doctor who allegedly decapitated the baby had gone on leave.
Relatives said that the baby had been described as normal before the mother went into labour. The torso has been retrieved and the baby sewn back together. Relatives have refused to to take the body for cremation until the matter is sorted out to everyone's satisfaction.

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Source: Daily News


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