Sponsored Post: We Offer Professional Cleaning, Fumigation and IT Services at Worldison company (Call or Whatsapp - 08130826625)


Worldison company (www.worldison.org) is a service-oriented company established in the late 2016 by a group of persons with a vision

to create first-class integrated services structure and other business solutions within the entire country and beyond

As a group of individuals from all professions, we believe we can live happily again by making the environment safe for business activiti

and eliminating any thing that will pose a threat to man and his environment. (environmental and health solutions providers)

As a firm of professionals, we execute all jobs to the last dot of existing international and local best practice

We also go “extra mile” to ensure our customers are satisfied beyond their expectations as we keep abreast with the latest standards in delivering efficient services

In addition, we keep our charges relatively lower compared with what is obtained in the industry and ensure you get value


*professional fumigations services and pest control service

* Intensive disinfection for establishment

* Home and Industrial cleaning services

* Supply, installation, servicing and recharging of fire extinguishers

* Supply of safety equipment

* Fire safety trainin

* IT services and security management

* General contract

Website - www.worldison.o

We are based in Edo and we operate between Edo, Delta and Ondo Stat

We can go nationwide for Big Contract

Call or Whatsapp - 081308266


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