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A HUGE PACKAGE for Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, Apostles, Ministers of the Gospel from Morris Cerullo's renowned Elijah Institute.
This Institute is globally recognized & respected by Powerful men of God for Training Modern Day Elijahs & Elishas.
This particular Package is titled:
"Passing on the Mantle".
The Course Contains 45 DVDs on (Ten Subject Themes), 1 Powerful CD-ROM containing Supplemental Materials.
A Set of 6 Hardcopy Workbooks.
Owning this Huge Package is like having the equivalent of a School of Ministry in your Home or Church.
Themes in the Package includes:
1) The New Anointing 5 DVDs
2) Revelation Faith Clinic 6 DVDs
3) How to Win the Battle of the Mind 6 DVDs
4) Declaring War on the Devil's War 5 DVDs
5) 9 Steps to Miracle Power Living 5 DVDs
6) Discover Your Ministry 2 DVDS
7) The Manifested Sons of God 3 DVDs
8) How to Win the Battle of the Tongue 5 DVDs
9) Unity in the Spirit 4 DVDs
10) Lord Teach us to Pray 4 DVDs
11) Supplemental Courses 1 CD-ROM
12) 6 Sets of Workbooks out of 10.
Total of 45 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM.

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