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Sales of Complete Water Factory Production Equipment @ Unbeatable Prices

- Semi Automatic Cup Filling & Sealing Machine
The bottling machine is used in production of non-carbonated drinks in pet / hdpe bottles and cans. Rinsing, functions of filling and capping of bottles are integrated in one machine. The most advanced technology from germany is employed in the design of the bottling machine. The gravity filling system is used in this type of machine.

- 3 in 1 Mono Block Washing, Filling, Capping Machine

- Semi Auto PET Bottle Blowing Machine
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Blowing Capacity 100ml aa 2 Ltr
Infrared heating system
Low Power Consumption

- Ozonator
Ozone acts like strongest disinfectant
Ozone removes unwanted taste and color
After Ozone oxidized it decomposes to the oxygen
It's soluble and oxidation property can be fully utilized
Ozone convert bio- refractory organic materials to biogradables
Ozone used for oxidation and removes heavy metal like maganese
It's process is an international standard approved by WHO

- PET Blow Moulds for Bottle, Jars etc - Precise Mould Fabrication
- Complete Bottling Line & Accessories
- Pure Water Sachet Machine
- Water Filtration Equipment
- Bottle Blowing Machine
- Functional PET Plastic
- Water treatment plant
- 75KVA Generator
- Ice Cube Machine
- 5KVA Stabilizer
- Cold Room

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Location for Inspection - Ogba, Lagos

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