Sala Plane Crash Investigators Determined To Recover Wreckage

The light aircraft which disappeared while carrying the Argentine from France to Wales has been found at the bottom of the English Channel.
Emiliano Sala
Authorities conducting an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of a plane carrying Emiliano Sala remain determined to recover the wreckage from the English Channel.
The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) revealed on Sunday that the light aircraft which had been carrying the Argentine and pilot David Ibbotson had been found.
They had gone missing while travelling from Nantes to Cardiff on January 21. Video footage of the wreckage has revealed one body to be visible.
The AAIB is now looking to bring the plane to the surface in an effort to offer closure to the distraught families of those involved.
Concerns have been raised regarding the costs of such a towing operation, but every effort will be made by French and British search teams to see the process through.
Shipwreck hunter David Mearns told L’Equipe: "It's a delicate but feasible operation.

“We have already recovered aircraft in much deeper waters [the aircraft is 67 m deep]. What I feel is that it needs to be done.

“The AAIB has a mission: it is to determine the causes of the accident.

“It does not necessarily include the return of human remains. But, in this case, the plane was found.

“You should ask yourself a question: why be involved in these searches, locate the plane and then decide not to recover it? Especially when there is a body.

“If this plane had fallen into a field, the AAIB would have been looking for it and would have placed it in a shed to study it. They would also have recovered the bodies.

“What is the difference between an airplane in the water and an airplane on land? It costs more money.”
Hearns added: “It's expensive but how much money is spent on these two families?

“For me, it makes no sense to get into this research, to find the plane, which could help to find clues about what happened, and give up. I do not think it's fair to take that responsibility.

“They need time, now that there is no hope to find them alive.

“Many people have made donations, more than 5,000. We think it is necessary for them to know in all transparency what happened.”
Emotional tributes have been paid to Sala by Nantes and Cardiff in their most recent outings.
The 28-year-old had been due to link up with the Bluebirds as the club’s record signing during the January transfer window.

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