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PHYTEXPONENT is an innovative defense system booster produced in Belgium , it is designed to significantly improve the quality of life of Patients whose immune systems have been compromised by whatever cause.

PHYTEXPONENT is made of immunomodulatory herbal and patented compounds which are transmitted paracellularly and highly effective .

Its Main Key Areas are :

- Antiviral
- Anti Bacterial
- Anti Fungal
- Strong Stimulant of the Immune System
- Wound healing/topical ulcers
- Bed sores

Its also Aid in
- Increasing resistance to secondary infections both viral, fungal and bacterial
- Stimulating the natural immunological system
- Stimulating the body normal defense system

Reducing the side effects of anti-retrovirals ( ARV's ) and chemotheraphy when used concomitantly with Phytexponent .

Every cell in the body has a lining, a membrane that separates it from the surrounding cells. This membrane prevents the mixing of substances through the cell layers. However, PHYT Exponent crosses the membrane between the cells via par cellular absorption, thus allowing the body to absorb all the active/healing molecules from herbal extracts.

Price :
Pack of 12 is N72,000
Single : 75000
Location : Lagos
Call or WhatsApp 08033031212 for Inquiries or Orders
We deliver within 24hrs within Lagos and 48hours with Nigeria but shipping charges will apply.

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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