Save A Life - Pls Donate to help this hearing and vocally impaired boy have a surgery

Pls help Save A Life – This is Henry, He is a  hearing and vocally impaired boy and need to have a surgery to stay alive , The doctors said there is a fluid in his head .

He needs another surgery and  he needs to be monitored monthly. His own hydrocephalus is from the birth and he was diagnosed of that when he was born but was neglected. The shunt is just to keep
him alive, if not he would have died by now. The shunt won't reset his Brian to start reasoning like adults. He has other malformations and abnormalities in his brain that has contributed to his hearing
and vocal impairment, the operations won't reverse it but will just help him live, he will only be normal, talk and hear by God's grace.

His sexual organs needs to be checked too,if his sexual organs didn't form well, an IVF will be used in the future for him. If nothing is done to stop the seizures as soon as possible, his brain might be completely damaged.
All the symptoms of hydrocephalus are completely shown, he can barely see clearly now, please help him in any way you can.

Without financial gifts from friends such as you, we would be unable to help the thousands of people out there who have no place to turn. The gift of just a thousand naira or less, when multiplied by hundreds/thousands of benefactors, can provide services and help to save Henry's life .

No contribution is too small (and no contribution is too large either!). Please take a moment to think about if it was your friend, your child, your family member who had no where to turn.


You can also donate through his sister's account :

Account details : 

Account Name     : Pamela Chinaezendu Uche.
Account Number : 6239010323
Bank Name           : Fidelity

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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