If I Become President, I'll Fire Every Damn General In The Army - Sowore

Omoyele Sowore who is gunning for the job of President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to revamp the security architecture of the country.
Omoyele Sowore
A presidential hopeful of one of the newly registered parties, African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has vowed to fire every General in the Nigerian Army presently fighting against terrorism in the country.
He said he will not tolerate the military chiefs the way they have been tolerated by President Muhammadu Buhari when they fail to do their jobs.
Sowore who stated this in Lagos on Monday during the Ripples Nigeria interview series for Presidential aspirants also spoke on Nigeria’s unity, Buhari’s integrity, and the outcome of last Saturday’s governorship elections in Osun State among other things.
On what he will do about security if he emerges president, he said, “I will overhaul it. I’m going to fire every damn general in Nigeria involved in fighting terrorism in the country. They are thieves and I know them, I have covered investigative reporting, they don’t want the war to end.

“I know that if you hear me saying this you will be having pity for me that they will not vote for me. We don’t need to be at the mercy of the generals, they should be at our mercy, because we are paying them”.
He added that he was going to bring more people into the security agencies, equip them with modern equipment and ensure a security system that will function optimally.
On cabals Sowore said, “We have cabals because we are voting for their principals to run the country. Their principals are people like Buhari.
He questioned how people continue to brand Buhari as a man of integrity, wondering how a man said to have integrity will be surrounded by the likes of former Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, and the former boss of the Department of State Security (DSS), Lawan Daura, among others.
He added, “If Mr. integrity has been in power and the integrity of the country is in question it tells you his integrity is fake.”
Responding to questions on Nigeria’s unity, he said while he believes “we can live together” that it must be “on the condition that there is justice”.
He said, “People look at Nigeria unity’s from the part of Biafra. But a lot of Nigerians have mentally seceded from the country. Even governors, senators they are no longer part of this country.
Speaking further, he said, “There is no governor, no senator who will allow his pregnant wife to give birth in Nigeria, not even by accident, or by premature. They are no longer impressed with the country.”
According to Sowore, many Nigerians will rather choose to enter a Titanic, not minding that it is going to sink than to stay in the country. He also said that many Nigerians will flood the biblical Noah’s Ark to leave the country if given such an opportunity today.
The AAC presidential aspirant, speaking on the recent inconclusive Osun election said what happened showed that “the ruling party can be defeated.

“APC numerically lost the election, but legally still in, but no matter what happens they are going to go down in Nigeria, they have already gone down in South East and will do so in other parts. That’s we exude the confidence we have that we are going to take back the country. We are going to defeat the PDP and APC.”
He added, “Since 2014 anybody that wins Ekiti loses the national election. It has already happened to APC (the All Progressives Congress) because no matter what happens they will lose (2019) election and that is because they won Ekiti election in desperation. I hate sounding as if I’m supporting the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party).”
He argued that the two major parties are structures that can no longer win elections if not by buying people votes.
“People have realised that they cannot take them to the next level. What happened in Osun was because the people did not have alternative.”

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