My Husband Has Used Me For Money Ritual - Wife Makes Shocking Allegation In Ibadan

In what would come across as a really shocking development, a married woman has alleged that her husband has used her for money ritual.
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A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Thursday, dissolved a 32-year-old marriage between one Aina Adeniji and her husband, Adebayo, over alleged ritual, Daily Post reports.
The plaintiff, Aina, a resident of Oke-Ado area of Ibadan, alleged that her husband had used her for money ritual.
“My Lord, it was late before I realised that Adebayo had used me for money ritual.

“All of a sudden, he stopped coming home regularly and when he does occasionally, it is to complete his ritual on me.

“Adebayo turned our bathroom into a shrine, I mean, a gory site for all sorts of sacrificial objects.

“Out of fear, I had to convert my bedroom into bathroom and kitchen because of charms everywhere.

“Then, he goes to the bathroom to chant incantations every morning.

“Before having sexual intercourse with me one day, Adebayo used a razor blade to make an incision on his manhood.

“Ever since then, I have not been myself because blood had not stopped flowing from my private parts.

“Besides, he has married another wife outside our matrimonial home.

“The house in which we live, however, belongs to both of us,” Aina said.
But the respondent, who consented to the divorce, denied the allegations levelled against him.
Adebayo, a retired civil servant, said his wife had on 10 previous occasions packed out of his house, giving flimsy excuses.
“As a beer addict, a pastor had told me to perform some prayers in form of ritual to tackle my addiction to beer.

“I never put any mark on my manhood to sleep with Aina.

“She has been a cancer patient, so Aina has been bleeding through her private parts probably due to cancer.

“I am the sole owner of the house because I provided everything concerning it, but Aina was monitoring during construction.

“When she started preventing me from having sex with her, I got a lady that could fulfil my sexual desire outside,” Adebayo said.
Ruling on the matter, the President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade, said the spouses should be wary of their actions before destroying their marriage.
Odunade awarded the ownership of the contentious building to Adebayo.

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