Moghalu finally reveals political party for presidential bid (THROW BACK NEWS )

Professor Chiedu Moghalu has announced his intention to contest under the umbrella of the Young Progressive Party

The former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, made the announcement in Abuja on Thursday.

Speaking on his aspiration, he explained that despite invitations from various political parties, his vision for a radically new political leadership for Nigeria made him distance himself from the old order.

He said: “Would the party I join share my vision of leadership as one of service and accountability? Would it be focused on the youth and our future while inclusive in its membership?

“Would it be nationwide in its spread and appeal as opposed to an ethnic or sectional focus? And would the party, from the standpoint of electoral strategy, be a viable platform with a structure to prosecute the struggle for a New Nigeria that is focused on the future and not the past?

“I am here today to announce that in response to the parties of the past, in response to umbrellas that block out the light of hope, and brooms that sweep away truth and replace them with lies, in response to the parties of tired old tricks and tired old systems and tired old men, I and millions across Nigeria will choose the YPP – the party of today and tomorrow

“The Young Progressive Party has over the past year set up full and final structures – extensive offices, with an extensive pool of party officials, operatives, volunteers across the country. This is a grassroots-oriented party. Matched with our historic network and cell leaders across Nigeria in every one of the 6 geo-political zones of the country, this is a union made in possibilities,” he stated.

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