Nigerian pastor arrested for impregnating 20 of his church’s members

Pastor: Timothy Ngwu (second from right) allegedly impregnated 20 members of his congregation because 'God told him to'

  • Timothy Ngwu says he has 13 children with five wives and his mistresses
  • Police arrested him for abusing members of congregation 'on will of God'
  • He was reported to authorities by his wife who grew sick of his adultery
  • Arrested pastor claims the married women's husbands agreed to affairs
  • mother-of-eight claims Ngwu impregnated her - and then her daughter

  • A 53-year-old pastor who reportedly impregnated 20 members of congregation claims the Holy Spirit ordered him to have sex with them.
    Nigerian police have now arrested Timothy Ngwu for abusing the young girls and women at Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity.
    Ngwu's abusive behaviour was finally reported to the police by his estranged wife Veronica who grew tired of his adulterous behaviour - and reportedly impregnated her young neice.
    A spokesperson for the Enugu State Police command told he claims to be obeying the 'spiritual' urge to carry out the will of God, 'irrespective of whether the woman is married or not.'
    Ebere Amaraizu added: 'When the woman is delivered of the baby, the child remains in the ministry with the mother for life.'

    Sickening: The pastor was arrested for abusing the young girls and women (pictured) - some of whom were married
    Sickening: The pastor was arrested for abusing the young girls and women (pictured) - some of whom were married

    Pointing at the church's compound, he continued: 'Look at these buildings here... He has converted all of them to himself in the name of vineyard.
    'He sacked his betrothed wife who has three children for him and embarked on impregnating married women and young girls. Look at the whole compound littered with children of different sex and age.'
    'All members of the vineyard are fools, how can a woman abandon her husband for another man in the name of worshiping God and practice adultery? I cannot get myself involved in this matter.
    'Let them sort themselves out with the police but I want the ministry to be shut down completely,' he added.'

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