I sold my soul to the devil as a joke through a site called FollowSatan, and since then, I have felt a strange presence watching me. What is going to happen?

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Jay Bazzinotti
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

When I was young, probably 14, my sister brought home a Ouija board. When my father saw it, he went berserk. He jumped up from his chair as if he were on a spring and grabbed the Ouija board and threw it out into the yard. “You NEVER invite the Devil into your house!” he screamed. My sister was trembling with fear. To this day I have never touched a Ouija board, but to be honest, I always thought the concept was rather stupid.
In the Christian theology there are many stories of people who sell their souls to the Devil for earthly benefits. No matter what is asked for, the Devil is always happy to pay - when weighed against eternity, a few years of wealth and power are cheap indeed. Daniel Webster, Dr. Faust, Beethoven and all the rest discovered to their chagrin that they made a fatal strategic error selling their soul, never forgetting in their Satan-provided success that each day they were approaching the day when the Devil came to collect their soul. In all these stories there was a “catch” that allowed them to preserve their souls again.
In the Catholic religion, from which much of the ephemera of horror springs today, the Devil is always subordinate to God. God is all loving and all forgiving and He will always ransom your soul for you. The procedure is quite simple. You need to acknowledge and confess your sins to a priest and receive absolution, promise to never sin in that fashion again - and mean it - and perform a ritual cleansing, usually through the repetition of various Hail Marys and Our Fathers and then, for good measure, you must make amends. It’s not enough to simply say you are sorry and ask for forgiveness - you must truly repent. To truly repent means that you sincerely admit you were wrong in yielding to sin and if you were faced with the same temptation again you would, by the grace of God, choose to turn away. The Book of Acts in the New Testament has a lot to say about this.
If you feel uncomfortable about what you have done, and to be sure, it was a mighty big risk if the Devil really does exist, then you need to take action to redeem your soul. Playing Russian Roulette with a .357 Magnum is a stupid choice. So is playing fast and loose with your soul —- even if you don’t believe in God or the Devil. You are betting eternity of pain and suffering that you are right and even if the odds of God or Devil actually existing are 1 in a trillion trillion, why would you take that bet?
Lee Botton
Hypnotherapy student and existential philosopher. Many explanations of the soul.

Regardless of whether there truly is ‘Satan’ or whether there truly is ‘God’, you may need to follow certain processes in order to: in the lightest case, feel OK; and in the most extreme case, actually have your soul delivered from an eternity of torment.
So regardless of what you believe right now, you probably should visit a church and see a priest and explain to them exactly what happened. The problem is I can’t see how this could help you too much if you don’t believe that God will deliver you somehow, so you might end up converted, which would be an interesting twist on the narrative.
Interestingly, a friend of mine had an experience where his occult interests led him to be suddenly converted. He frequently attended a Spiritualist church where members channel supernatural ‘entities’ in groups. They even see each other’s faces change into ‘another’ face, and their voices change as heard by others. As he got more and more into it, he would hear their voices in his head, these different ‘entities’ but he got used to it. One ‘claimed’ to be Jesus.
Then, one day, he was in his house with his wife and suddenly he began to say things that didn’t sound like things he would say. To his wife, it appeared that his voice changed and even his face changed, similar to how the other Spiritualists saw each other when channelling. She had not attended the Spiritualist church as far as I know, so had never seen this phenomenon, but also since this was not planned, this ‘entity’ had apparently taken control of him without his knowing consent.
Neither of them were Christian but all she could think of to do was to cast out the ‘entity’ or ‘demon’ “in the name of Jesus Christ”. I don’t know exactly the words she used but I get the impression that they were pretty generic “I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ our lord..” type wording.
His face changed back and “he” returned. He did not remember what had happened. That night, he was ‘touched’ by God, and the sense of love and power was unlike any he had experienced from any of the other ‘entities’. He determined in that moment the ‘fraud’ that the one which had been claiming to be the spirit of Jesus was, for example. 
From that day on, they both converted. He especially, suddenly became a particularly devout Christian.
As a hypnotherapy student, I know how intense the power of suggestion can be. But I have also experienced some things which would be very difficult to pass off as mere suggestion or random brain activity. Other than that, I’ll make no claims here.
Mainly, you and your life will be defined by what you believe. If you believe you are being watched by an eerie entity then you will experience life as such. If you believe God is watching over you and protecting you, you’ll experience life that way.
If you have no idea what you believe, then it might be a good plan to consider it. Perhaps this experience is your mind’s way of telling you to give more thought to what you believe, if only for existential peace of mind. I’m not suggesting that you aught to believe in any God (or any other supernatural phenomena) necessarily but to ground yourself spiritually through consideration and attention to that sort of thing. 
If you associate best with Atheism, then great! Nothing to worry about in terms of an afterlife of eternal torment! If you resonate with a New Age variant then that’s ok, there will be your higher self or other benevolent entities to seek consul from. If Christian, or other monotheistic religion, then obviously you can seek forgiveness by giving yourself to God. Etc.
In the meantime, yes, try to eat better, stop taking drugs or consuming too much, or even any, alcohol. You need to get a clear head so that you can begin to determine what’s ‘real’ and what’s not, to you.
Safe travels!
Firasat Durrani
Ruminates life.

I can tell you what will happen next:
Day 1: You shall feel a bit weird and not too sure about what you did.
Day 2: The “Self Preservation of guilt” shall make your brain look for patterns that are in accordance with your new belief.
Day 3: Your brain will show you more reasons to believe in your new beliefs - you will call them “signs”.
Day 4: You will randomly associate an incident in your life to your new beliefs and call it a “miracle”.
Day 5: You will try to find ways in which you can be closer to the devil.
Day 6: You shall become an internet troll mocking God and religion all around you.
Day 7: You will not rest, because that’s what God did, not devil.
Some Years Later: You will actually realise that there is no difference to subscribing in a belief of either God or the Devil as the followers of both entities follow a similar pattern of behaviour.
“Perpetrators of any sort of faith or belief system rely on selling fear and freedom at the same time”
Because THIS image from your Satan cult website:

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