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PRO Coin (powered by: is another cryptocurrency have  concluded their ICO like bitcoin (Decentralized and Open Source) with major technology to support usability. Kindly go through our previous post on procommerce or visit for proof of the recently just concluded ICO (Initial Coin Offer) and how iProNetwork will use technology to support usablity and subsequently PRO Coin increase.
With the support and experience of the CEO, Armando Contreras, TOP leaders; Carlos Alvarez and Louis Miller, people have been mandated to build a wonderful team in Nigeria and Africa.
IPN is the world’s first and only Platform for E Currency or digital money. It combine all 4 proven and profitable trends:
  1. E Commerce (Amazon, Ebay)
  2. Incentive based buying (rebates for shopping)
  3. Direct Sharing Economy (Uber and Air B&B)
  4. Digital Currency (Bitcoin and many others)
This E Commerce platform has already partnered with over 1000 retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Target, Macy’s, JC Penney, just to name a few! The Incentive buying is a digital coin (PRO) just recently featured on NBC because it is the first coin to offer a rebate in the form of it’s own coin! This means that anyone who shops at any major retailer that we have partnered with, will get back this coin as a rebate just for shopping!
IPN’s Direct Sharing concept will allow e-commerce sites on the platform, many of which accept 100% E-Currency for their goods! Every company that applies to be on this platform must: Offer all our reps discounted pricing on their regularly priced items as well as accept every e-currency coin we have on our platform!
IPN ONLY partners with Digital E-Currency that is trading publicly on a public exchange! This means that anyone at any time (M-F) can sell their coins on a public exchange and receive fiat money in their account.
We also mandate that the coin give up to 110% back in rewards to all of our reps who purchase a membership! This means if one purchases a $500 package, they will get back AT LEAST $500 worth of today’s value of that particular digital e-currency!

Apple and Google have approved iPro’s App to synchronise with over 4,000 e-commerce stores worldwide.
If you would like to watch the full 35-minute webinar on this incredible opportunity, please click here:

So Why Wait :

To find out how PRO is Rewarding Retailers and Consumers and for more information on PRO ,call - +2348092766208 or  click here to contact an IPRO Associate and will get back to you . Don't be left behind !

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Contact: Infinity Productions 
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