Exposed! Man sends wife photo of him in Abuja by another woman not knowing that the lady who was not wearing anything was showing in the background (PHOTOS)

Just recently the picture of a man went viral on social media. He was said to be on a visit to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.
According to online reports, the man was said to have sent a picture of him to his wife not knowing that the lady who took the photo was showing in the background.
Without knowing how the picture leaked on social media, this man was immediately crucified by Nigerians who came across this photo.
@TopsyAshaolu on Twitter shared the photo with the caption: “The man on this picture just sent this picture to his wife to show that he has arrived Abuja safely. Zoom to the mirror on the left to see the photographer, and thank God with for journey mercy.”
As usual this will not go by without Nigerians having one or two things to say about this picture. Some even related it to when singer turned Nollywood actor Banky W showed off his wife’s butt during a live video on Instagram.
See their reactions below:
Man sends his wife a photo of himself in Abuja but everyone is seeing something else

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