Nigerian Celebrities Finally Speak Up Against The On Going Slave Trade In Libya

After several foreign celebrities have reacted to it, and after been called out by actress Georgina Onuoha, Nigerian celebrities have finally raised their voices to bring awareness to the Slave trade going on in Libya.
All the celebrities pictured above and more reacted via their Instagram pages. See their posts below…

@OmoniOboli: I thought I would wake up and realize it’s all a bad dream! Alas…
If all the leaders in Africa, where our brothers and sisters are migrating from come together, they can certainly put a stop to this madness! African leaders wake up! If you fix your countries, people won’t see the need to migrate illegally at all cost! I cannot imagine the level of depravity that will make a person subject themselves to such routes of migration  Alas, a lot of people don’t even know this is what awaits them on the other side. To you young person reading and seeing, I know it’s hard, I know…but if the migration route is not clear cut or legal, my brother, my sister, e better to suffer for Nigeria or which ever country you dey o! To you mother, that brother or sister or ‘Mama Italy’ or whoever that said you should bring some money and they’ll ‘help’ your son or daughter to ‘abroad’, this most times, is what awaits them.

In the meantime, let’s cry for help for the thousands that are trapped there in slavery and even in prisons.
Libyan government, how do you people sleep at night knowing this is happening in your country? These are human beings being slaughtered and enslaved #PrayForOurBrothersAndSistersInLibya but while we pray, let’s shake the foundations with our voices! With one voice, we are loud enough! #Libya #ModerndaySlavery #Slavery






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