Heartbroken Oyinbo Man Reveals How His Wife Of 23yrs Dumped Him And Their 9 kids Because Of A Gambian Guy She Met On Facebook

A heartbroken British husband has narrated how his wife of 23 years left him and their nine children to be with her Gambian lover she met on Facebook.

Andy Hepworth, 44, says his wife Heidi Hepworth, 44, ditched him for 30-year-old Mamadou Jallow from Gambia after she started chatting with strangers online.

According to the heartbroken man, who feels his wife has been brainwashed, says she’s now asking for a divorce, saying her future is with Mamadou.
He said she gave herself new treats, including getting new tattoos, giving herself a makeover, then flew to Gambia last month, her first ever trip out of the UK – abandoning her nine children and starting a new life with Mamadou.
Speaking to the Sun UK, the devasted husband said:
“It’s a midlife crisis. She started going to the gym, booking sunbeds, getting tattoos and wearing dresses. The person she has become is horrible. She was a loving, caring mum.
Now it’s like an alien has possessed her body. He has brainwashed her. It’s one big fantasy for her and she is following it through step by step.”
Andy and Heidi met in the 1990s and were together 23 years. The couple has six children together and Andy has raised three children Heidi had from a previous marriage as his own.
He added:
“It felt like my heart had been ripped out. I loved her. We were always a rock solid. But I think it’s over. She’s said and done too much. A caring mum wouldn’t go off gallivanting around Africa with her new boyfriend.”



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