Steve Harvey is being sued by his ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey, and the charges include kidnapping, torture and murder


Mary Lee Harvey and her ex-husband Steve have not had the best of relationships since they divorced in 2005 and now, there are reports that she is suing him for a sum of $60 million.

Steve's marriage to Mary Lee Harvey was his second and lasted from 1996 - 2005 before it crashed. 
There were rumours at the time that the marriage crashed because he was cheating on her with his present wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey but a judge later stated that Marjorie was not the cause.

Over the past years, Mary has been accusing Steve of a lot of things, including keeping her from seeing her son, Wynton, who Steve got custody of, and also of child abuse crimes. 

A court later ruled that Steve was innocent of the child abuse crime he was accused of and proved that he was not a bad father to Wynton. The child abuse allegations were that Steve Harvey beat Wynton after he received a complaint from his school that the boy lied about his homework. It was confirmed that they were injuries on Wynton's body however the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services said that the boy was not in risk at all and the case was closed without further investigation.

Mary has now filed a new lawsuit accusing her ex-husband of kidnapping, torture and even murder. The documents were filed at the Superior Court of the State of California County of Los Angeles and includes the charges leveled against him, which are:

Count 1: child endangerment against Wynton,  their son
Count II: Torture
Count III: Conspiracy against rights
Count IV: Kidnapping
Count V: Murder
Count VI: Breach of Contract
Count VII: Intentional infliction of emotional distress

Photo of the court papers below... 

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