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Norland Natural B-Carotene Capsules acts as Natural Barrier Against Aging

* Power Source of Heart Brain

* Rich in energy

* Rich in protein

*Amino acids present are for proper growth and development of the body.

*Fights against cancer

*Protect your Eyes – delays the progression of age related macular degeneration.

* Fights against heart diseases, nerves diseases and infection.

* Reduces the chances of stroke.

* Has powerful Antioxidant

* Protects the Skin: helps in maintaining the integrity of cells of the mucos membrane and skin, this protects them from free radicals which cause great damage.

* Prevent you from gal stones or gall bladder diseases.

* Helps in fertility

* Supports Healthy Pregnancy

* Treats Oral Leukoplakia

* Improves Respiratory Health. Composition and effect: This product is a health food mainly made up of B-Carotene, peanut salad oil, gelatin, glycerin, 

sucrose syrup and water, which has the health function of supplementing B-Carotene Suitable for: 

Adult who need to supplement B-Carotene suitable for every person. Key Benefits of B-CarotenE :

*It removes wrinkles from your skin

*Makes you look younger

*Makes you remain fresh

*Makes you remain energetic

*It is a source of Vitamin A. It is an anti aging product that promotes skin beauty.

*Prevents gall stone and gall bladder diseases.

*It is an antioxidant.

*Fights depression.

*Regulates blood sugar and

*lower rusk of weight gain.

*Promotes Fertility.

Natural B-Carotene Contains 30g – 60 Capsules in a Plastic Bottle. 

PRICE - N8000

WhatsApp only : 08097397093

Calls, SMS & WhatsApp: 08082176731

We deliver nationwide.

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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